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Albrecht, ChrisBS CRP1994The Narwhal Group (Des Moines, IA)
Mescher, PhilMS Trans1996Iowa DOT
Simodynes, TimMS CE1997Iowa DOT
Vodrazka, WaltMS CE1997UNLV Transportation Research Center
Anderson, MichaelPh.D.1998University of Alabama-Huntsville
Cao, ChunlinMS CRP1998
Gerken, JeffMS CE1998Albeck Gerken Traffic Consulting (Omaha, NE)
Poole, ChrisMS Trans1998Iowa DOT
Pressig, DaveMS CE1998Transystems Corportation
Resler, JonMS CE1998Foth Engineering
Estochen, BradMS CE1999Minnesota DOT
Estochen, Jen (Guggisberg)BS Trans, Log & MIS19993M Company
Schrock, SteveMS CE1999University of Kansas
Long, Molly (Diamond)MS CE2000Foth Engineering
Monsere, ChrisPh.D2000Oregon DOT
Padget, EricMS Trans2000URS/BRW, Inc
Powell, TerryMS Trans2000Des Moines MPO
Shadewald, JerryMS CE2000HNTB
Basavaraju, RajasekharMS CE2001HNTB
Giese, KarenMS CE2001PTV America
Gottemukkala, AravindMS CE2001Kurt Salmon
Roche, JerryMS CE2001FHWA (Ames, IA)
Sokol, CourtneyBS CE2001HDR Inc.
Storm, RichardMS CE2001CH2M Hill (Mendota Heights, MN)
Stibiak, JasonMS Trans2001PB Farradyne
Swisher, AndyMS CE2002Howard R. Green Company (Des Moines, IA)
Smith, DanMS CE2002CH2M Hill (Des Moines, IA)
Triggs, KevinMS Trans2002East West Gateway Council of Governments (St. Louis, MO)
Harrison, SheldonMS Trans2003SIMPCO
O'Brien, MollyMS CE2003Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc (Las Vegas, NV)
Tunnell-Bents, JamieMS Trans2003Snyder and Associates
Poska, ScottBS CE2004SRF Consulting Group (Minneapolis, MN)
Argawal, ManishMS CE2005PB Farradyne
Burchett, GarrettMS Trans2005Mississippi River Distilling Company
Knox, ToddMS CE2005Snyder and Associates
Tenges, RyanMS CE2005FHWA (Frankfort, KY)
Will, BenBS CE2005HNTB (Overland Park, KS)
Burke, NeilMS Trans2006City of Charlotte
Jackson, JustinMS CE2006Snyder and Associates
Dobling, MaryBS CE2006
Kajewski, ToryBS CE2006Minnesota DOT
Koester, KevinBS CE2006Kansas DOT
Ludwig, MattBS CE2006Stuart Inc.
Milner, ChrisBS CE2006Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
Petersen, EricMS CE2006City of West Des Moines, IA
Pochowski, AlexBS CE2006Kittelson & Associates, Inc
Port, ScottBS CE2006
Veneziano, DavePh.D.2006Institute for Transportation
Lund, VicMS CE2007St. Louis County (Duluth, MN)
Ormand, DanMS CE2007Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc (Phoenix, AZ)
Wiegand, JonMS CE2007H.R.Green
Andersen, DavidMS CE2007Albeck Gerken Traffic Consulting (Omaha, NE)
Kinzenbaw, CariMS CE2008City of Cedar Rapids
Karssen, GregMS CE2008Snyder and Associates
Hinds, JoshMS CE2008Snyder and Associates
Mizera, CraigMS CE2008Snyder and Associates
Chai, XudongPh.D.2008Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Isebrands, HillaryPh.D.2008FHWA Resource Center
Sax, ChristianMS CE2008Explico Engineering
Pettit, RyanMS Trans2008Parsons Brinckerhoff
Sorenen, BethBS CE2008Kiewit Power
Richter, CharlotteBS CE2009Burns & McDonnell
Zhang, WeiBS CE2011
Hucker, BenBS CE2011
Fitzsimmons, EricPh.D2011Kansas State University
Knickerbocker, SkylarMS CE2012Institute for Transportation
Gao, JianMS CE2012National Center of ITS Engineering & Technology (ITSC)
Handel, Katie (Maurer)BS CE2012Reid Middleton
Bilionis, DimitriosMS CE2013National Technical University of Athens
Hinnerichs, NickMS Trans2013Polaris Industries
Van't Hull, ChristaBS CE2013ERM
Beckham, JaredBS CE2013Schneider Electric
Nikolov, PavelBS CE2013Alliant Engineering
Li, WanjunMS CE2013Beijing Jiaotong University
Rojer, JacobBS CE2014 Spack Consulting
Bloomgren, EricBS CE2014
Huang, YundiMS CE2014
Turner, JordanMS CE2014
Yang, RuimanBS CE2014CMT
Houchin, AndrewMS CE2015Synder and Associates
Makaiwi, MicahMS CE2015Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Nketah, EmmanuelMS CE2016CCB
Younkin, StevenMS CE2017McClure Engineering
Liu, QilinMS CE2018H.R.Green